mercredi 11 décembre 2013

Thing - Graduation film !

Hi everybody !

I'm really excited today, because I'm finally able to show my finished graduation film ! I worked on it for the best part of last year, so it's a relief that "Thing" is airing, at last. I used a mash of 2D and 3D animation techniques in order to have the naïve but detailed visual style I wanted, inspired by medieval tapestry.

The story is about two teenagers about to get married, in the Viking era. I did research in order to avoid the clichéd visions of Viking that you generally see in animation : no horned helmets, no blood-thirsty brutes. However, I choose the tone of the story to be rather modern, because I don't like it when suddenly people from the Middle Ages start having that oddly sophisticated, faux-exoticism way of speech.

"Thing" is not English but old Norse, it refers to a Viking traditional assembly where law was declaimed to the citizens of a community, and that was the occasion of more informal gatherings such as fairs and markets.

I really hope you'll enjoy it !

THING from Marion Leblanc on Vimeo.

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